Jakob. Graphic, Web Designer & Game Dev

They call me Nerd

My name is Jakob, I'm an 18-year-old hobby game developer, graphic and web designer. Some of my favourite games are the Portal series, League of Legends, the games by Davey Wreden and a hell of a lot of indie games.

Projects and downloads

Wake Up

A Portal 2 mod that puts you in the shoes of a test subject named Suki.


A small 3D simulation of an office. You can walk around. That's it, seriously.

Shady Delusion

Shady Delusion tells a skewed story through a boy's and a girl's nightmares. Featuring some horror elements, it's a short, story-focused experience.


Implementation and a little design concept.

Camille fan website

Design and implementation of a fan project.


Design and implementation of a personal site for the moderator Jon Becker.


A small jquery parallax plugin for websites.

What is a game?

An interactive essay about the nature of video games.


Shelter is an abstract, experimental game. Enter this world of floating and broken dreams.


An experimental series of Portal 2 puzzles. It's pretty easy, the design is paramount.

Portal workshop

Every other Portal 2 map I've published.

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