“I am the sword and shield
 of clan Ferros”

You might call me an undercover agent. You might call me a clan leader. And you might call me the future. I would just call myself “a problem solver”.

The entrepreneurs of

Family Ferros were the discoverers of the first crystals. To this day, we still honour Elicia Ferros’ expedition, where she lost her arm and nearly her life. Sacrifice enables progress. Today, almost all hextech technology available is based on the crystals, manufactured under the direction of clan Ferros.

The city of progress:

In Piltover, we have culture. This city breeds progress. Technology. It is the center of trade and innovation. The competition of clans ensures constant development. Piltover is also a city of growth, where everyone can come to and contribute to Science, visit one of the many universities or just observe the attractions of this humongous city.

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