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Wake Up

Short Portal 2 mod. Read more

Shady Delusion

Psychological story game. Read more

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An 18-year-old geek, Game Dev and Web Designer. Read more


An 18-year-old nature lover, Game and Environment Artist. Read more

Wake Up

A Portal 2 mod that puts you in the shoes of a new test subject named Suki. The mod works with the testing elements from Portal 2 and has some puzzles in new settings.

Pretty good, fun to play. (Anna Mieke)
definitely worth your time. (Twinfinite)


Shady Delusion

We're currently developing our debut game title "Shady Delusion". It's still at a very early stage, and we're only working on it every once in a while.

a psychological game about our nightly nightmares

Shady Delusion tells a skewed story through a boy's and a girl's nightmares. Featuring some horror elements, it's a short, story-focused experience.


Graphic, Web Designer & Game Dev


My name is Jakob, I'm an 18-year-old hobby game developer, graphic and web designer. Some of my favourite games are the Portal series, League of Legends, the games by Davey Wreden and a hell of a lot of indie games.

Other Projects

Where?, Codepen, Steam, Twitter


Game design student


Hi, I'm Nici, an 18-year-old game design student and environment designer. My favourite games are Ori and the Blind Forest, League of Legends, the Anno and Portal series and Mirror's Edge. In my spare time, I either sing in a choir, take pictures of random places, build new games or modify existing ones.

Other Projects

Where?, Steam, Twitter

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