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Nici’s Rift

A Summoner’s Rift Skin

What’s this?

“Nici’s Rift” is a skin for League’s map (Summoner’s Rift). I basically fixed a few issues like cuts in the terrain and sudden blackness in the very bottom left corner of stag’s base. I also added some own little things you can discover!
Keep scrolling for a little comparison.

What’s different?

Top lane

Here you can see my modifications to top lane. Left is the default one, on the right is mine. I added a few trees, some light shafts, rocks and a bit of debris.
To compare the pictures, move the circle in the middle around.

The Nexus

I always thought Rito’s Nexus look a bit boring, so I added a little glowy flare. I also adjusted the ground around stag’s Nexus to make it more grassy and got rid of all Clash plinths ’cause they create cuts on the ground and demolish the otherwise perfectly broken walls.

Krug’s Lair

Although the northern jungle is my favourite and it’s reasonably dry, i couldn’t resist on adding waterfalls and a little creek to make it more vivid.

The River’s Water

Some time ago, Rito decided it would be a great idea to make the river visible through literally everything. I first thought it's a bug, but damn was I wrong, as they haven’t fixed it since 8.15. So I fixed it myself and returned the river to its realistic, non-stupid looking existence.

    Please note that as of Patch 9.5,
    custom skins no longer work.
  1. Install Wooxy, if you haven't already.
  2. Launch Wooxy.
  3. Click Import skin and select Package.
  4. Locate the downloaded file and hit install.