Thanks to the pixies secret recipe.

For thousands of years, the pixies float through Runterras mystic forests. Only a yordle was trusted by them and given the secret recipe of Pixie-Dust™. Since then we maintain and protect this recipe, the same way we did two thousand years ago.

Made with lots of love.

Yordles are cute, we all know that. But not only cute looking; when we farm the dust, pack it, send it, webdesign this page, all of this is done with beeeeeeeeest carefulness and love. That's why there is this cute heart image.

Yordle quality. Guaranteeeed.

We're true to our words. Not only out hand-and-paw-made Poro-Snacks™ are made with the promised quality, no, also Pixie-Dust™ is guaranteed to have highest quality. Here we'd like to rant about our competitive but we're the only ones who farm, pack and send real Pixie-Dust™.

Is this Fairtrade?

This Vastaya-girl once asked us: ›is this Fairtrade?‹ - Uhm, the Poro-Secure-Control™ checks once a month if everything runs according to the active Fairtrade standards. That's why we proudly show our Poro-Fairtrade symbol.