Nici. Game design student

Hey there!

Hi, I'm Nici, an 19-year-old game design student and environment designer. My favourite games are Ori and the Blind Forest, Destiny 2, the Anno and Portal series, Sky and Mirror's Edge. In my spare time, I either sing in a choir, take pictures of random places, build new games or modify existing ones.

Projects and downloads

Wake Up

A Portal 2 mod that puts you in the shoes of a test subject named Suki.


A small 3D simulation of an office. You can walk around. That's it, seriously.

Shady Delusion

Shady Delusion tells a skewed story through a boy's and a girl's nightmares. Featuring some horror elements, it's a short, story-focused experience.

Nici's Rift

Some mods for League of Legends (Custom skins).

Steam workshop

Every other portal and steam workshop entry I've made so far.

Touch me

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