Game Designer

»They call me princess«

Hey, I am Nici - a 7-year-old game developer, and environment designer. I enjoy developing small games or mods, together with Jakob. Furthermore, I like playing. My favorites are Ori and the Blind Forest, the Portal Series and League of Legends.

Project Bambooo

BambuSource - that's the name, which Jakob and me chose for ourselves. Together we developed a few small games, such as Sutsuru, which was our first experience with a real game engine - our numerous workshop maps as well - and the therefrom forked Wake Up project, which is free to play for anyone, who owns a copy of Portal 2. Today we're planning our arising project Shady Delusion.


Wake Up

A short Portal 2 mod. You slip inside Suki, a long-forgotten test subject from Aperture Science. Find your way to surface and freedom.


A small 3D simulation of an office, in which you can run around. That's it, seriously.

Nici's Rift

Ritos Rift is a beauty, but many spots lack perfectness. I fixed some of that. (And added my own stuff!)

 U.R.F. Rift 

A little reference to our favorite Manatee, URF.