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Shady Delusion

Shady Delusion is a standalone psychologic, story rich game.

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A free and lightweight jQuery plugin for parallax effects.

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Wake Up

Wake Up is a free mod for Portal 2.


This is art. You stare at a painting in your motel. You are Suki, an Aperture Science Volunteer Test Subject. A voice that calls itself the Aperture science Emergency Leaving System tries to help you out of this rotten, overgrown place.


  • 11 new puzzles
  • Custom Story
  • 30 minutes to 1 hour of playtime
  • Logic based puzzles (From easy to hard)


Don't you plan to put it on Steam?
No we don't, it's too short for that, sorry.

Which TTS Software did you use?
The voice "Daisy" from (down today) site :)

How to install it correctly?
Download the zip file, drag its contents to Steam/Steamapps/sourcemods, make sure that Portal 2 is installed, restart Steam.

My sound is missing, what to do?
Launch it with -console as start option and type snd_rebuildaudiocache in the console.

Can I let's play it?
Sure! If you'd be so kind and link us in the description we'd be thankful. Also the ending song is no-copyrighted. Maybe you can link Finding Hope as well.

Making of

Everything started as a workshop map series. After releasing three maps on the steam workshop we found a mod that was so bad, that Nici told me "Take a look at this mod, we can do better, right?".. So we continued mapping, improved older versions until we liked the result, packed it into a Portal 2 mod and published it.
The response made us really happy and proud, thanks to all of you ♡


    nicely designed, well thought through
    8 / 10

    Read more on Portal-Magazin (German)

    cleverly designed maps, providing high-quality graphics

    Read more on GRYonline (Polish)


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If you have any questions you can contact us via email or on Steam Nici and Jakob

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